Hexagog WoWTCG Price List: 05/17/2014

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Betrayal of the Guardian

??? Dark Portal Hearthstone Loot ??? Floating Spellbook Loot ??? Ghostly Charger Loot

Blood of Gladiators

??? Center of Attention Loot ??? Foam Sword Rack Loot ??? Sandbox Tiger Loot

Crown of the Heavens

??? Corrupted Hippogryph Loot ??? Magical Ogre Idol Loot ??? Vicious Grell Loot

Drums Of War

??? Owned! Loot ??? Slashdance Loot ??? The Red Bearon Loot

Fields of Honor

??? El Pollo Grande Loot ??? Path of Cenarius Loot ??? Pinata Loot

Fires of Outland

??? Goblin Gumbo Loot ??? Gone Fishin' Loot ??? Spectral Tiger Loot

Heroes of Azeroth

??? Landro Longshot Loot ??? Saltwater Snapjaw Loot ??? Thunderhead Hippogryph Loot

Hunt For Illidan

??? Disco Inferno! Loot ??? Ethereal Plunderer Loot ??? The Footsteps of Illidan Loot


??? Paint Bomb Loot ??? Portal Stone Loot ??? Wooly White Rhino Loot

March of the Legion

??? Kiting Loot ??? Paper Airplane Loot ??? Robotic Homing Chicken Loot


??? Spectral Kitten Loot ??? Tiny Loot ??? Tuskarr Kite Loot

Servants of the Betrayer

??? Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit Loot ??? Personal Weather Maker Loot ??? X-51 Nether-Rocket Loot

Throne of the Tides

??? Bloat the Bubble Fish Loot ??? Throwing Starfish Loot ??? Wasteland Tallstrider Loot

Through the Dark Portal

??? Fortune Telling Loot ??? King Mukla Loot ??? Rest and Relaxation Loot

Tomb of the Forgotten

??? Sand Scarab Loot ??? Spurious Sarcophagus Loot ??? White Camel Loot

Twilight of the Dragons

??? Amani Dragonhawk Loot ??? Fool's Gold Loot ??? Nightsaber Cub Loot

War of the Ancients

??? Demon Hunter's Aspect Loot ??? Eye of the Legion Loot ??? Feldrake Loot

War of the Elements

??? Landro's Lichling Loot ??? Savage Raptor Loot


??? Grim Campfire Loot ??? Landro's Lil' XT Loot ??? Mottled Drake Loot


??? Blazing Hippogryph Loot ??? Landro's Gift Loot ??? Statue Generator Loot